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What makes a European Basset Hound different from an American one?

It's all that loose skin!!  European Bassets have tons of loose skin, big saggy eyes, long droopy ears, and tend to be much larger on average than the American Basset Hound.

About Us

Welcome! We are the McMahan family and together we live on our family farm in Northwest Arkansas right in the heart of the Ozarks! We are poultry producers for Tyson Foods and also raise cattle. Our Basset Hounds are a part of our family and enjoy being spoiled by our 5 children!


Why are our bassets so special, you ask?  Just look at those faces!  They are a part of the family, not raised in a kennel.  We chose them because they are great with our kids and move at a pace we can keep up with!  Those droopy eyes, rolls of loose skin, and long floppy ears have melted our hearts and I know they will yours, too! 

Contact Information

Josh-(870) 480-6081

Green Forest, Arkansas

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